Pushkin Village (Catherine Palace)

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Pushkin Village (Catherine’s Palace)

One of the most famous Villages in the vicinity of St. Petersburg is Pushkin Village. Initially the Village was called Tsar’s Village due to Building many Royal palaces and Gardens for Royal family but later in 20th century in honor of famous Russian poet Pushkin, the name changed to Pushkin Village. Among all the palaces and Gardens in the village, the most famous one is the Catherine’s Palace. It was founded in early 18th century as a summer or Peter the Great’s wife Catherine I – hence the name Catherine’s Palace. In the middle of the 18th century, the palace became the official summer residence of Empress Elizabeth, Peter’s daughter. During her reign, the world famous Amber Room appeared in the palace. Many prominent architects took part in the construction and decoration of the palace. During the entire 18th and 19th centuries and until the revolution of 1917 Catherine’s Palace was one of the most favorite summer residences of the Russian royal family – the Romanovs. After the revolution the palace was nationalized and turned into a museum. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged during the Second World War because it was occupied by the German troops for 28 months, but it has been beautifully restored and today it is one of the most popular places to visit in St. Petersburg. The palace is situated in the town of Pushkin, 25 km south of St. Petersburg.

It takes almost an hour to get there and start your amazing excursion in the palace guided by our professional guides then step into the heaven of Catherin the Great which is beautifully designed in European garden style and enjoy walking along the lakes and visiot many more. Your amazing day trip will end at your Hotel.



Alexander Garden

Catherine’s Palace

Amber Room

Catherine’s Garden


Duration: 5 Hours