Kazan City Tour

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Kazan, Pearl of Tataristan

Kazan as the capital of Tataristan and one of the oldest cities of Russia which today is hosting more than 1 million tourists every year.

The rich culture of kazan alongside with the numerous touristic attractions of city has made this city as the pearl of Tataristan where you can fine two different language spoken in city as Tatar and Russian language and Also two different religions are accepted as Islam and Orthodox. 

in this amazing city there are a lot to see. From the Baumana Street in which you can find plenty of restaurant, Bars and many more and is known as the central street to the Kremlin of kazan which is shining alongeside the Kazan River.

During this 4 Hours tour you are going to visit, Baumana Street,Bogayavlensky Cathedral, Continue to Kremlin of Kazan. Visit to Qol Sharrif Mosque which is reflecting as a real beauty.


Baumana Street


Qol Sharrif Mosque

Kremlin“s embankment

Center of family


Duration: 4 Hours