Military Tour

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Russia is so famous for its Military power and after passing many different wars, has proved that they have an amazing military capability and very well armed Army. Considering all these facts, many tourists from all over the world would like to spend their time in the military atmosphere of Russian Army.

To do so, we are offering a very exciting military tour which takes you to the era of war shooting AK47 Kalashnikov and Riding a real Tank!

Trip will take more than a half day transferring to the camp and more than 2 hours exciting Military tour with the help of instructors.

Instructors will show you variable items of small arms from pistols and submachine guns to mortar and canon and tell you about them. You will be able to inspect them in all detail and make unique pictures holding them in your hands. There will be a briefing of disassembly and assembly of the legendary Kalashnikov, including its modern versions, after which you will have a chance of doing it yourself under supervision of our instructors. As part of the program there will be target shooting with these weapons. 

Instructors will tell you about each vehicle and answer your questions on it. You will have an opportunity not only to inspect them from outside and inside, but also to ride a tank or BTR (armored infantry vehicle) either as a passenger or as a co-driver. The same is possible with the army cross-country trucks and jeeps, which are also part of our fleet.


  • Tank Riding
  • AK47 Shooting 10 Bullets