St. Petersburg

A key for paradise

St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 as an outlet to the sea and the window to the Europe which was very important for Russia’s future development from both strategic and economical points of view. Saint Petersburg was considered to be «a key for paradise» for the Russian Empire, so the city’s name is very symbolic: it was called in honor of Saint Peter, who, as we know from the Holy Bible, was a keeper of the keys from the paradise. Saint Petersburg today is one of the most important cultural, scientific and industrial cities in Russia, housing several hundred of museums and exhibition halls. Great Russian and foreign artists, poets, writers and composers admired the beauty of splendid Saint Peters-burg and commemorated it in their works. That’s why today this city is considered to be as the cultural capital of Russia.

From the marvelous famous bridges to the popular Hermitage Museum and also peterhoff Royal palace and different majestic gardens and buildings all bringing you a convincing reason that this city is exactly where you need to walk through!

City Tour of St.Petersburg with Hermitage Museum

Pavlovsk Park and Royal Palace

St.Petersburg City Tour

Military Tour

Hermitage Museum

Peterhof Park and Grand Palace

Drawing Bridges on Neva Cruise and Night Excursion

Pushkin Village (Catherine Palace)

Highlights of St. Petersburg