Moscow never sleeps

Moscow has a long and greatly interesting history and has been the capital of Russia in many of its different iterations – capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Russian Empire and of course the Soviet Union. Moscow was founded in the 12th century by Prince Yuri Dolgaruki (Yuri of the long arms – he really did have long arms!). From that time on, it was home to the Russian Tsars until Peter the Great moved the capital to St. Peters-burg in 1703. The city has survived invasions and sieges from the Mongols, the Tartars, the Poles, Lithuanians and Napoleon but has always persevered. Since the city was rebuilt many times, it is new but still takes you into the past! Moscow never seems to sleep and is bursting with energy

Moscow is Russia’s largest city with a population estimated from 12 – 13 million. It is also Europe’s largest city and when you visit Moscow, you can feel it. The layout and architecture of the city is eclectic, ranging from crooked, ancient streets and alleyways to wide, bustling boulevards, from medieval churches to Stalin skyscrapers and to modern, glass buildings towering over everything and of course in the center of it all is the Kremlin and the magnificent Red Square.. Moscow is home to a fantastic, efficient and very beautiful metro system – each station having its own special design.

We are here to enlighten you on this great history and give you insights into Muscovite’s and their unique culture.

Classic City Tour of Moscow with Metro and Kremlin Excursion

Highlights of Moscow

Classic Moscow City Tour

Metro Tour and Kremlin with Cathedrals