Peterhof Park and Grand Palace

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Peterhof Park and Grand Palace

Peterhoff Grand Palace and amazing Lower Park with its fountains and sculptures has become one of the most popular attractions among all the tourists who visit Saint-Petersburg. A series of palaces and gardens, were laid out by the order of Peter the Great in 18 century. The Grand Palace which used to be the former summer residence of Russian royal family is famous for its baroque style interiors of 18 centuries, which present silky walls, gilded mirrors, royal portraits and thousands of other amazing antique masterpieces. The estate was equally popular with Peter's daughter, Empress Elizabeth, who ordered the expansion of the Grand Palace and greatly extended the park and the famous water supply system which is a hydraulic systems with a complex of engineering structures. The Great Empress Catherine, was one them who reconstructed some of the rooms in her favorite classical style.

Your trip to peterhoff will expand the real imperial life of Tsars visiting plenty of the ornamented Rooms and grand ballrooms.

After the astonishing excursion inside the Grand Palace, you will enjoy walking through the selection of different Italian, Russian and French gardens in the Lower park of Peterhoff and you will be amazed with the beauty and decoration of these majestic gardens, walking through the alleys and sculptures, having fun with tricky fountains and enjoy amazing view at the sea shore of the Gulf of Finland are all parts of your trip to Peterhoff.



Peterhoff Grand Palace

Peterhoff Lower Park


Duration: 5 Hours