Classic Moscow City Tour

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Classic Moscow City Tour

Moscow as the Capital and Largest city of Russia with the population of more than 12 million people is one the most expensive cities in the world. Moscow apart from other cities of Russia, not only during the summer time, but the whole year hosting many tourists from all over the world. From the Historical parts of city in which you can find plenty of attractions like Arbat Street, Red square, Amazing GUM trade center that surprises you with the beauty and architectural style of the building, Nikolsky Street, The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral as the symbol of country to the Modern Moscow city glass towers and soviet union time Towers of Stalin as well as diversity of Parks all Bringing a paradoxical atmosphere for the visitors in Moscow.

In this memorable tour you will have enough time to visit them all with a super knowledgeable guide to broaden for you the world of information and history of all the attractions.

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Red Square

Nikolsky Street

St.basil’s Cathedral

Arbat Street

Moscow City


Duration: 4 Hours