About Us

We live it. You’ll love it!!! 

Falco Travel is a very well experienced and creative company. Our aim is to make your stay in Russia exciting, informative and affordable with a variety of high-quality, authentic tour packages and city tours for reasonable prices. 

Everyone has been a tourist at some point in their lives, and the falco Travel team is not an exception. We have visited many countries, attended hundreds of tours, we have been Tourists ourselves and we fully understand how you feel visiting a new place and we know how to make enduring, vivid memories. 

We have numerous of reasons to say why we are here to provide you with the best packages: 
We love Russia and doing our very best to reflect the best aspects of our country to the tourists from every corner of the world. 

It’s been always a dream to gather people from all around the world to show the real culture and the beauty of our country. 

Time IS Gold! You deserve to have a creative and professional team here to provide you with the best services using every second of your presence in such a great country with a rich, heroic history.